Yo Girls Get Busy with this now

As a long time zinester and a person of color, I ask that you reconsider the images of the female bodied persons of color with the world slut across the chest, drawn by Megan Elizabeth (gunmolly), a white woman for any future issues of your zine. It reeks of cultural appropriation and does not, in fact, show solidarity with women of color reclamation efforts of the word slut. Plus not listening to your audience AND not listening to the concerns of black and people of color who have told you the many problematic issues with these images is telling of your lack of concern and only adds to the image of the zine world being rife with racist zinesters. It falls on you, Girls Get Busy, to be allies and show yr support.

If you, as many zine editors say, do not get submissions of art and writing by people of color and that is why you would publish such a submission, the question to ask is why are you not getting those submissions. In your nonprofit feminist collective, how many people of color are members? Is it a truly transparent effort?


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