south texas experience 2

The valley is not a valley at all.

Do you know so and so? No some one I used to see in sentences small cities, town, and neighborhoods. They were like salt. And neon at night. The valley is always green.


Maybe they will leave. The valley is a recipe of old and new nouns. Maybe they will leave then. I have not learned all the grammar techniques.

I forgot the measurements. It bakes well here. The valley is flat now. Microphones ago it rose.

“We tell ourselves stories to live.” They used the valley as background noise. I was there years ago when they took the pulpit with other words.

Do you know so and so

No, I saw them form. The valley is not an onion

The valley is not a flower or a song. The flower is not a guitar keyboard synth.  Maybe not a guitar but an accordion. Maybe the valley is a mesquite tree, ugly disfigured, useful when burned.

The valley is not a book or a stanza. The valley is not in tune. The valley is not seasonal.

*near the river. You see things like razors, deodorant, old towels, plastic bags full of clothes. The border patrol passes us by, wave wave, say hi. Act like you belong.

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