revolution-now said: That actually makes me incredibly happy to hear. When that does happen, and if you find yourself inclined to, I'd love to help C/S Distro - if only to make everyone aware that it's up and running again. I completely understand about the email/address changes, but I really feel as though this is worth trying. So if you could guide me in that, that'd be great, though if you think it's better to just let people know, that'd work too.

Running a distro takes alot of work, emails back and forth, more emails, looking for contacts, contacting school orgs & clubs, contacting teachers, professors, students, other zines, trading ads, buying zines to review, buying zines to see who is publishing what, buying zines from other distros (because zines written by non people of color might contain contact info and reviews of POC written zines).

this page lists plenty of useful resources on zines and distros:

There is also the zine wiki where you can seek out zinesters and see if they are still publishing.

Have you visited It has a ton of zinesters and groups, where you can start making contacts and putting the word out that you are searching for zines written by POC.

Get in contact with the folks who run the People of Color zine project:!/poczineproject

Here’s an article on zines by people of color, written by Celia Perez who herself used to run a distro back in the day:

*making this public for others who want info on zines by POC and distros.

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